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46 AgTech Startups from Agritechnica 2023 you should know

Nov 21, 2023 11:58:40 AM

Agritechnica - the world's largest trade fair for agricultural innovations has long been a hub for agricultural innovation. This year, Hannover saw something new brewing. RootCamp orchestrated the Lunchtime Startup Pitch Session. Each day, pioneering startups from the agricultural sector took the stage to pitch their disruptive ideas. A total of 46 AgTech startups hailing from 14 countries showcased their innovative solutions. Explore the lineup of these startups below.

Machines & Robotics: Empowering AgTech

The week commenced with a compelling display of strength - quite literally. Startups exhibiting advancements in agricultural machinery and robotics envisioned a future that empowers farmers. We were given a glimpse into a world where efficiency and automation cease to be mere buzzwords, becoming tangible realities within the farmyard.

  • Agicu | Small-scale agricultural robot powered by a fuel cell | Germany 
  • Bluewhite | Autonomous farming: streamlining agricultural tasks | Israel
  • EVS Systems | Multifuel combustion engine with focus on hydrogen |  Germany
  • FarmWise | AI-powered intra- and inter-row weeding implement | United States
  • Nature Robots | Small-scale robot transforming ecological farming | Germany
  • ONOX | Electric tractors powered by swappable batteries | Germany
  • MOVE ON | Upgrading existing tractors to smart farming devices | Turkey
  • Ullmanna | Implement for intra- and inter-row weeding | Czechia
  • TUMtrac | The electric tractor development platform | Germany

AgTech Software: Efficiency meets simplicity

Throughout the week, seven startups stepped into the spotlight, showcasing how software solutions in agriculture transcend mere data by emphasizing its practical application for farmers. Simplification emerged as the central theme, with a pledge of efficiency, as these tech innovators unveiled the "easy button" for agricultural management.

  • Harvesto |  E-Commerce platform to make farmers' procurements easy | Germany
  • |  Defining the right machinery settings through the community | Canada
  • green account | Compensation market for transparent and secure nature projects | Germany
  • Green Growth Innovations | Yield monitoring system through sensors analytics | Latvia
  • Hektar9 | Platform for renting and offering agricultural machinery and services |  Germany
  • SAMSYS | Facilitating operational efficiency through vehicle data management | France
  • thermal DRONES | Thermal imaging drones for wildlife rescue | Germany

RootCamp ecosystem: Get to know our startups

Tuesday witnessed the vibrancy of nine startups from the RootCamp ecosystem, providing a glimpse into the future of agricultural technology. Notably, all were alumni startups from our previous batches in Germany, yet that wasn't all. Adding to the excitement, three startups from our forthcoming Batch #5 offered a sneak preview of their incredible solutions on the stage of the premier agricultural fair.

  • Artenglück | Empowering sustainability through nature conservation projects | Germany
  • E-terry | Advancing sustainable agriculture with autonomous farming robots  | Germany
  • Eco:fibr | Pulp from pineapple plants - Turning waste into purpose | Germany
  • GeoPard Agriculture | Precision agricultural platform combining different data sources | Germany
  • Proofminder | Combining drone & satellite data for Precision Farming | Hungary
  • seedalive  | Rapid testing of the seed quality| Germany
  • Seqana | Provider of MRV for soil carbon analysis based on ground-truth data & satellites| Germany
  • Verdancy |  Slow release system for crop protection | Germany
  • VetVise | Improving animal welfare through camera-based monitoring solutions | Germany

Cross-sectoral: AgTech from 3D printing to waste recycling

Midweek exposed us to a mosaic of agri-tech innovation. We witnessed the convergence of 3D printing, waste recycling, and various other facets within the agricultural industry. The underlying message was unmistakable: innovation recognizes no boundaries.

  • Phytoplanta | Highly effective foliar fertilizers | Germany
  • recalm | Active noise-canceling headrests for heavy machinery | Germany
  • Replique | Disrupting supply chains with On-Demand 3D printing | Germany
  • Terragro | Biostimulants for soil development | Hungary
  • Tracegrow | Recycling electronic waste into plant fertilizer  | Finland
  • Waylay | Democratizing data insights and autonomous service delivery | Belgium
  • NUNOS | Processed manure for increased plant availability of nutrients | Germany

Sensors & Novel Production Systems

Thursday was divided into two distinct themes: sensors engineered to perceive and interact with the agricultural world in groundbreaking ways, and novel production systems that employ out-of-the-box approaches to cultivate agricultural products.

  • NutriSen | Real-time nutrient-sensing for smart fertilization | Germany
  • Agvolution | Sensing and predicting plant growth amid climate risks | Germany
  • | Optical in-soil-sensor for field monitoring | Poland
  • FarmInsect | Using insect to convert bio waste into high-quality proteins | Germany
  • Pflanzentheke | Lowtech hydroponic farms for the soilless cultivation of vegetables | Germany
  • SEAWATER Cubes | First compact and standardized fish farm for breeding marine fish far from the oceans | Germany

Geospatial Monitoring & Precision Agriculture

The final day spotlighted precision in agriculture. Featuring eight pitches centered on geospatial monitoring and precision agriculture, the startup session culminated with a compelling vision for a future maximizing every inch of farmland, and elevating yields to their fullest potential.

  • CinSOIL | Satellite-based MRV platform for soil carbon analysis | Germany
  • Beagle Systems | Autonomous drone services for precision agriculture | Germany
  • ClearSky Vision | Cloudless satellite imagery, enabling continuous monitoring | Denmark
  • Fluktor | Specialized agricultural drones for spraying & further applications | Germany
  • Geocledian | Advanced geospatial services for precision agriculture | Germany
  • Optronia | Optical sensor for precision agriculture & wildlife detection | Austria
  • Sam Dimension | Precision weed control through drone-based mapping and AI | Germany
  • Klim | Advancing & incentivising regenerative agriculture | Germany

RootCamp Agritechnica Flyer

RootCamp orchestrated its largest pitch event to date, featuring 46 startups in an immersive environment. Each day unfolded as a variety of innovation and networking, offering invaluable insights and connections. It's our pleasure to provide startups with a global stage to shine at one of the world's most significant AgTech fairs. Are you interested in their pitch decks? Check out our landing page that navigates you easily to the presentations.

What's next?

Getting some rest! Just joking - but the Agritechnica, happening in RootCamp’s home city, was super intensive with plenty of startup pitches, panel discussions & other networking events - everything around the AgTech startup ecosystem. RootCamp’s Batch#5 is just ahead. Follow us on LinkedIn, so you don’t miss the new startups participating in our next acceleration program beginning on the 4th of December!

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Mario Verbeek

Written by Mario Verbeek

Mario is very interested in the startup ecosystem and has successfully failed to found his own startup. After his apprenticeship in ornamental plant production, he studied horticultural and environmental economics. With practical experience in the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation in Agriculture at the German Corporation for International Cooperation and his ongoing freelance job in web development, he is an innovation-driven all-rounder.

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