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Philipp Rittershaus

Philipp Rittershaus

Head of Corporate Innovation & Startup Coaching

Philipp has gained extensive experience as LifeScience Investor at the High-Tech Gruenderfonds and has a background in industrial biotechnology. Philipp holds a Doctorate degree in Biotechnology from the University of Hohenheim, an MBA in Engineering Management from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim and a Master in technical Biology from the University of Stuttgart.

Gaia Amatteis

Gaia Amatteis

COO & Head of Program

Gaia has extensive experience in project management working for companies like Techstars, Procter and Gamble and Bosch in different countries like Italy, Germany and Japan. She studied between Italy and Germany and has a Double Master degree in International Business and Economics.

Caspar Olenhusen

Caspar Olenhusen

Startup Coach

Caspar provides over ten years of first-hand experience from the corporate (KWS, John Deere), startup and venture capital world. His passion spans across the agri-food-tech value chain, and he is eager to have a sustainable impact. Caspar studied in the USA and UK and has an MBA in International Food & Agribusiness.

Ilka Gomez-1

Ilka Gomez

Project Manager

Ilka is an experienced agronomist and project manager. Her experiences include research activities at the Ohio State University (USA), management of vegetable production under protected conditions in Nicaragua (where she is originally from), and lately as a project operations consultant at the UN-FAO. Ilka holds a Master's Degree in International Horticulture from the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany), and a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture from the Pan-American University of Agriculture (Zamorano), located in Honduras.


Margarita Klyuchko


Margarita is passionate about events. Having experience in hosting events in Dubai she is engaged in arranging corporate and private gatherings for companies or individuals.

Mario Verbeek

Mario Verbeek

Startup & Innovation Manager

Mario, a seasoned enthusiast of the startup ecosystem, evolved from horticulture roots. At the beginning of his career, he grew ornamental plants during his apprenticeship, then studied a mix of environmental & agricultural economics while working on his own startup. He further sharpened his skills for several years at the Centre for Business Management in Horticulture and Applied Research (University of Hohenheim, Germany). Now at RootCamp, Mario is our go-to Startup & Innovation Manager. He scouts and assesses potential bioeconomy startups, and serves as the open-minded first contact for founders interested in RootCamp.


Emilia Muñoz


Emilia is a dynamic and creative mind. She is studying between Spain and Germany and currently pursuing her second bachelor's degree in International Business, building on her background in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. Emilia brings a vibrant energy and a passion for learn.