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30.08.23 | Demo Day of Batch#4

Join RootCamp on August 30th for this cutting-edge event and watch 7 disruptive startups present in the AgTech space.

After an intense 12-week program, our startup will be pitching their projects to a selected audience composed of top investors, experts, and representatives of key industries and business disruptors alike. Creating real networking and investment opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs with big ideas, our Demo Day aims to address the future of the agriculture industry.

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Past events

11.07.23 | Ask us anything

Gaia Amatteis and Dr. Philipp Ritteshaus will answer all of your questions regarding the RootCamp program and the application process.

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30.06.23 | Unlocking Opportunities: EIC Funding Programs Overview & Afterwork event

Discover the EIC Pathfinder and EIC Accelerator programs designed to support startups and SMEs from all industries in developing and scaling their innovations, followed by an afterwork networking session with the startup community. 

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28.04.23 | Partners and Mentors Day Batch#4
At RootCamp, we recognize the value of collaboration between corporate partners and startups, and we're committed to facilitating networking opportunities to nurture meaningful relationships. On the 28th of April 2023 our partners had the opportunity to meet and engage with the innovative startups of Batch#4.
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13.04.23 | DeepDive#1 Pea Protein Workshop
Our DeepDive#1 ended up in a Workshop & Get Together on the pea protein value chain! The goal was to enable multilateral exchange along the pea protein value chain. Together with selected participants, we mapped all relevant players, analyzed drivers, obstacles, and potential solutions along the value chain. 

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23.03.23 | RootCamp's Investors Dinner
The first AgTech Investors Dinner organized by RootCamp in Berlin. It was an invite-only event where 6 founders from the RootCamp's program and 6 investors meet along 6 courses in a speed-dating format. We gave our startups a singular and special chance to present their exciting business concepts, talk about their growth strategies, and network with leading investors in a casual setting.
RC Investors dinner


20.02.23 | Entrepreneurship made in Niedersachsen.

Together with Startup Niedersachsen we organized an Agrifood get-together with Olaf Lies, the Minister of Economy of Lower Saxony, in person in Berlin.


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11.01.23 | Ask me anything

Do you have any questions about the RootCamp program or the application process?

Like every year, Gaia Amatteis (Head of Program) and Dr. Philipp Rittershaus (Head of Corporate Innovation and Startup Coaching) answered all questions in a live webinar. 



20.12.22 | The circular economy: Needs and challenges of nutrient recycling

Find out what are the current challenges in circular pathways for macro- and micronutrients in our expert webinar.

Video HERE


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15.-18.11.23 | EuroTier

RootCamp put livestock startups in the spotlight at Eurotier 2022, the leading livestock and energy fair.

Article HERE

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22.09.22 | Climate-smart livestock

How is the national European regulatory framework shaping climate-smart livestock?

Listen to the virtual expert talk "Towards climate-smart livestock" organized by RootCamp, as part of the EU-funded BLIVE project.


Video HERE

Article HERE

BLIVE 22.09. Expert Talk


30.-31.08.23 | Demo Days Batch#3

RootCamp Acceleration Program Batch #3 reached its end. We had a great time during our Demo Days, with a focus on livestock farming and carbon farming.


Livestock farming pitches HERE

Carbon farming pitches HERE

DemoDay 3


23.06.22 | Best practices in livestock farming

As part of the BLIVE project, RootCamp collected seven best practices that are improving the management of livestock farms in Europe.

Video HERE
Article: HERE

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09.06.22 | Challenges and opportunities in livestock farming

As part of the EU-funded BLIVE project, we RootCamp organized a workshop for selected participants from the livestock industry coming from around Hannover like SKW, Big Dutchman, Landwitschaftskammer Niedersachsen, VetVise and many others. 

Article HERE

BLIVE 09.06.2022


10.02.22 | Demo Day Batch#2

Demo Day of Batch#2 was organized virtually in collaboration with our partners K+S, KWS, hannoveripuls and others. You can find out about the startups below. 

Article and video HERE

RC event page - RC DD Batch 2


18.01.-02.02.22 | Webinar series II

Again in collaboration with AgriTechnica, we organized a webinar series about for major AgTech trends. Find out more below. 

Agricultural robots article and video HERE
Digital future article and video HERE
Circular economy article and video HERE
Soil microbiome article and video HERE

RC event page - RC webinars 2022


08.07.21 and 22.07.21 | Webinar series I

In collaboration with DLG/AgriTechnica and K+S, we organize two webinars about fertigation and carbon farming. Check the videos and articles below for more info. 

Ag-Biotechnology article and video HERE
Carbon Farming article and video HERE

RC event page - RC webinars 2021


11.03.23 | Demo Day Batch#1

First RootCamp Demo Day in collaboration with our partner K+S. In order to find out more about the startups which pitched and their topics, check the article below. 

Article HERE

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