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Driving change in agriculture: RootCamp launches Batch #5

Dec 4, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Introducing the latest cohort at the Innovation Hub RootCamp: a group of seven dynamic international AgTech startups. RootCamp provides invaluable support, including expert guidance, personalized coaching, and an extensive network inclusive of global AgTech companies such as K+S and KWS, as well as access to investors and mentors. Our program is cost- and equity-free for startups, offering them grants of up to 50k euros. Meet our new batch, carefully selected after a rigorous selection process from over 300+ applications. ⬇️

B#5 welcome(1)

Amata Green | Transforming agricultural waste into valuable biochar | Spain 

Amata Green aims to construct pyrolysis facilities across southern Spain, converting agricultural olive waste into biochar. Combining the biochar with Amata Green's secret “sauce” results in their eco mix: This initiative fosters a circular economy, repurposing waste as a valuable commodity for the farming industry and other sectors. The solution addresses soil salinity, water scarcity, nutrient leaching, and excessive input usage in agriculture, while improving the performance of crop production. This nature-oriented methodology not only counteracts the adverse effects of climate change but also facilitates farmers in transitioning towards organic and environmentally conscious practices. Aligned with the EU's directive to enhance organic crop production, Amata Green's approach diminishes soil depletion and reduces reliance on chemical inputs, thereby cultivating healthier ecosystems.

eco:fibr | Pulp from pineapple plants - Turning waste into purpose | Germany

eco:fibr disrupts traditional paper production with a unique, circular economy approach. The team utilizes a byproduct from pineapple cultivation, which is usually burned nowadays in Costa Rica’s agricultural fields, as the primary material to obtain top-quality pulp. In its mission, the startup from Hannover aims to bolster secure and equitable job opportunities in Costa Rica while safeguarding both the ecology and economy of pineapple cultivation. The development process for producing pulp from pineapple leaves prioritizes the conscious exclusion of environmentally harmful chemicals and serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional wood pulp, making it versatile for use in a wide array of paper and cardboard products.

farmula | Formula for regenerative agriculture | Germany

Farmula develops a seed-coating solution based on biochar, effectively enriching seeds with fertilizers, organic pesticides, and biostimulants. This transformative technology revolutionizes agriculture by alleviating water stress, minimizing fertilizer use, and curbing CO2 emissions. The innovative coating efficiently delivers essential nutrients directly to the seeds & protects them from pests. Biochar, with its CO2 storage and water-retention properties, becomes a vital reservoir, protecting young plants during heat stress. By reducing excessive fertilizer and chemical pesticide usage, Farmula's technology champions sustainable farming while serving additionally as a CO2 sink.

Proofminder | Advanced AI and Drone-Based Technology for Precision Farming | Hungary

Proofminder's technology integrates advanced AI and drone-acquired visual data, delivering precise insights at the leaf level across extensive agricultural areas. It enables meticulous plant monitoring, identifies stress factors, diseases, and weeds accurately, while also supporting various agricultural needs like stand counting, weather damage analysis, and nitrogen assessment. Additionally, the platform reduces fertilizer needs, and positively impacts the environment by minimizing the amount of agricultural inputs & their carbon footprints. This comprehensive solution optimizes farming practices, maximizes crop potential, and champions sustainable agriculture for long-term success.

NoMaze | Simplifying Plant Breeding Analytics  | Germany

NoMaze addresses the critical challenge of plant breeding data analytics under time pressure by developing a pioneering software solution that streamlines the process of plant selection. The startup aims to transform data analysis for plant breeders. Current workflows are time-consuming, involving manual steps and prone to errors due to constant back-and-forth between departments. NoMaze software democratizes data access, reducing challenges. By facilitating plant experts to effortlessly delve into their data, enabling the discovery of the best plants, this process significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy in their daily work.

Regen Insight | MRV Platform for Carbon-Positive Farming | France

Regen Insight leads the charge in sustainable agriculture, leveraging data and finance to drive the adoption of regenerative farming for climate change mitigation and biodiversity restoration. The MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) platform offered by Regen Insight assists farmers in understanding their carbon footprint and devising actionable plans, funded by carbon certificates linked to their environmental impact. Employing advanced technology, including satellite and soil data, Regen Insight precisely measures emissions reductions and carbon storage on farms, ensuring the credibility of sustainable actions. Through the generation of carbon certificates, the startup not only supports greener agriculture but also creates additional revenue streams for regenerative farms. 

Verdancy | Forward-thinking formulations for eco-friendly agriculture | Germany

Verdancy is committed to enhance plant protection in response to our dynamic biodiversity loss. Central to their mission is the advancement of environmentally friendly and highly efficient methods to promote plant health. Their innovation involves using microgels — small, eco-friendly containers to encapsulate a range of plant protection substances, starting with copper. These plastic-free biodegradable microgels harmlessly. By employing natural adhesives, they secure these microgel containers onto leaves, ensuring their retention during rain. This approach optimizes plant health with reduced application volumes.

What's next?

Here we go! The journey begins, promising excitement and intensity ahead. Stay tuned on LinkedIn to catch all the updates from our new cohort. The application phase for batch #6 is now open. Submit your applications by April 23rd.

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