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Best AgTech Startups Application RootCamp Batch #5

Nov 7, 2023 4:27:55 PM

The AgTech landscape is experiencing remarkable growth, underscored by a staggering 305 applications originating from 61 countries for Batch #5 at RootCamp. This blog article shines a spotlight on the most promising AgTech startups within our latest application phase.

ALGANIZE | Revitalizing soil | Germany

Alganize addresses the decline in essential soil functions caused by factors like chemical fertilizers. The founders spent two years developing a product designed to revitalize soil microorganisms. Their vision focuses on utilizing the natural metabolites of powerful microalgae strains to revitalize soil and expedite the regeneration of its crucial humus layer. By adopting this innovative approach, Alganize strives to establish healthy and sustainable soils that foster vibrant ecosystems. 

Biorestart | Eco-friendly Biowaste Valorization | Italy

BioRestart set up an innovative and technological solution to sustainably recover added value compounds from reused biowaste material, reducing the use of toxic organic solvent during the extraction process. The startup aims at valorizing fresh vegetable agro-food waste and by-products by recovering bioactive compounds using an enzyme-assisted extraction process. This extraction process allows for the production of ingredients and components to be used in various products, including nutraceuticals and plant protection products. In addition to these components, we also offer consulting services to agro-food companies on the valorization of vegetable bio-waste, based on our scientific expertise.

Byproducts | Turning Livestock Waste into sustainable Phosphorus Fertilizer | Italy

Phosphorus is a key element in food production, and its supply is concentrated and finite. Ironically, at the other end of the food chain, phosphorus is released into the environment causing serious environmental effects. ByProducts offers a hardware solution that transforms livestock waste into natural, slow-release phosphorus (P) fertilizer, helping to address global phosphorus scarcity and environmental concerns. By providing smallholders with the means to extract and process phosphorus from their wastewater, ByProducts empowers farmers to meet wastewater regulations and generate additional income through revenue sharing agreements.

COLEA AGRITECH | The power of microorganisms | Palestine

COLEA  AGRITECH harnesses the power of microorganisms, like fungi and bacteria, to address natural challenges sustainably. Using cutting-edge bio-reactors and process engineering, we optimize microorganism efficacy. Our goal is to boost olive oil extraction mills' efficiency while converting toxic wastewater into valuable biofertilizers for irrigation and fertilization. This circular approach promotes sustainability, saves costs, and supports olive mills in utilizing waste as a resource, resulting in profitable, eco-friendly olive oil production.

CinSoil | Soil Based Carbon Emission Reduction | Germany

CinSOIL supports agri-food businesses in reducing carbon emissions at the farm level through a science-based MRV (measuring, reporting, and verification) SaaS solution. The startup enables agri-food businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, particularly their carbon footprint, through insetting. The solution uses state-of-the-art satellite data and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the carbon sequestration status and potential of the soil, providing real-time analysis. Using science-based crop and soil data, CinSOIL strategizes site-specific agroecological regenerative transitions for clients. This support helps businesses achieve their sustainability targets and become climate neutral, while also incentivizing farmers' transition to sustainable agricultural practices. 

Mi Terro | Ending Microplastics with waste | United States

Mi Terro upcycles plant leftovers from food production and the paper-making process, utilizing them as sustainable alternatives to replace microplastics in various applications, including paper packaging and home care products, among others. This innovative process aims to eliminate microplastics and hunger at a price point on par with conventional plastics, while also reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%. The solution by Mi Terro does not rely on chemical cross-linking for their performance, this enables decomposition quickly and completely in the natural environment. 

NutriSen | Real-time nutrient sensing for smart fertilization | Germany

Inspired by blood glucose monitors, NutriSen developed a plant nutrient biosensor strip for quick, accurate measurements in the field. Combined with Copernicus data (EU's satellite-based Earth monitoring program) the startup provides precise fertilization guidance, unlike methods relying solely on leaf color or local techniques with calibration issues. Their service helps farmers cut fertilizer use by up to 20% and increase yields by 10%. NutriSen will expand its services by using machine learning algorithms to predict fertilization recommendations for entire regions with only a few measurements in a given region.

NUNOS  | Space technology for agriculture | Germany

NUNOS is introducing the C.R.O.P.® process, developed at the German Aerospace Center, to upgrade manure into a higher-value fertilizer. This technology converts nutrients into readily available forms and reduces emission losses, offering a decentralized solution that minimizes transportation. The primary business focus is on developing and selling modular manure treatment systems, with an initial target audience of organic dairy farms and conventional farms looking to transition to organic farming. NUNOS aims to make this transition smooth, addressing the challenges posed by the EU Green Deal's goals for the agricultural sector.

Phytoprove Pflanzenanalytik  | Advancing Precision Plant Nutrition | Germany

Phytoprove Pflanzenanalytik introduces a technology for precise measurement of plant nitrogen supply. Their yield-e devices, offered in various configurations, offer real-time insights into a crop's needs, potentially reducing nitrogen usage by 20%. This innovation has the potential to save 24 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer and 200 million tons of CO2 equivalents annually. Additionally, Phytoprove's devices include a sensor to determine plant water requirements, enabling resource-efficient irrigation.

P-Agro Minerals | Recovering Phosphorus from Wastewater for fertilizer purposes  | Riga

P-Agro Minerals develops and manufactures an environmentally friendly mineral material called Letonite, specifically designed to facilitate phosphorus recovery from wastewater and for its later use as fertilizer for agricultural lands. Letonite's versatility shines through its high P absorption capabilities. In powdered form, it coagulates water effectively, and in rock-like form, it serves filtration needs. Letonite also assists in pH regulation, enhancing its agricultural utility while ensuring high purity for improved process efficiency and consistent performance.

What’s next at Innovation Hub RootCamp?

Do you want  to get in touch with 40 emerging AgTech startups? Join us at the RootCamp Startup Lunchtime pitches. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Agritechnica. After three break due to the corona pandemic, Agritechnica is making its highly anticipated return from November 12th to 18th. Daily from 12:00 to 14:00 at Hall P11, Booth C32, our Lunchtime startup pitches will take place. 

Here is the agenda of the lunchtime startup pitches:

  • 12.11 | Machines and Robotics: Strengthening AgTech
  • 13.11 | AgTech Software: Where Efficiency Meets Simplicity 
  • 14.11 | RootCamp Ecosystem: Get to Know Our Startups 
  • 15.11 | Cross-Industry: AgTech - From 3D Printing to Waste Recycling 
  • 16.11 | Sensors and Innovative Production Systems
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