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Robotics startup E-TERRY revolutionizing vegetable farming

Feb 2, 2022 1:16:19 PM

Regularly, we want to present you the startups that are part of the RootCamp program. In this interview series we introduce you to the founders, their innovative technology and how RootCamp has taken the startup to the next level. Get to know the robotics startup E-Terry of batch #2.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are a German startup building an agricultural robot for vegetable farms. Core of the business model is the development of an ecosystem, consisting of the E-TERRY equipment carrier, a growing tool portfolio (broadening through partnerships with agtech/sensor providers who add onto the platform), and continuously growing software packages (track planning, field management, season reports, data analysis).

What makes your product unique?

E-TERRY follows a distinctly different concept in agricultural robotics. The whole robot design focuses on light weight, high usability as well as on easy integration, maintenance, and transport. Through its three wheels the system is specifically designed to be highly agile to suit ecological agriculture and alternative farming concepts (e.g. agroforestry, poly cultures) instead of focusing on conventional farming.

What’s your big vision? 

Our vision is to provide the farmer with an all rounding and cost-efficient farming companion that makes it possible to cultivate large, but diverse fields in the optimal economical manner.

How did you get into the AgriFood Tech industry?

Two out of the three founders grew up on a farm and experienced first hand the diverse challenges farmers are faced with. Combining the fond agricultural know-how with our affinity to high-tech and business paved our way into the AgriFood Tech industry. 

Why did you apply for RootCamp? 

We applied to RootCamp because it is one of the few accelerators with a sole focus on AgTech. It brings together startups from all across the world to sharpen their business and connect to important stakeholders within the agricultural supply chain. RootCamp opened up an incredible network which we will benefit from for years to come. We especially value the support on eye level and the program structure which is aimed to suit each individual startup.

What advice would you give to other founders? 

We would advise other founders to build a sector specific network right from the start, as it unleashes a great potential and opens up many opportunities. Accelerators like RootCamp are a perfect platform for that - so do not hesitate and start applying to startup programs that suit you and your vision!

Update 2024:
E-Terry has successfully closed its first financing round in the seven-figure range. Several investors, including beteiligungsmanagement thüringen
gmbh(bm|t) as lead investor, as well as FutureWork Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Dr. Thomas Gnefkow and Christoph Ratke.

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