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RootCamp Batch #4: Agtech Startups Driving Sustainable Solutions

Apr 24, 2023 1:31:00 PM

In the face of the pressing challenges affecting agriculture, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent. The new batch of Innovation Hub RootCamp has kicked-off, welcoming a cohort of seven highly promising international startups with breakthrough solutions in the field of circular economy, biodiversity and alternative proteins. During the intense 12-week program, the startups will receive individual support and resources to scale their solutions. RootCamp is backed by leading Agtech players such as the fertilizer and salt producer K+S, the seed producer KWS and the chemical company SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz. Further support is provided by hannoverimpuls, DLG, the German AgriFood Society and DLG.

Let us introduce you to the seven startups of RootCamp Batch#4, who are breaking ground in agtech with their unique and sustainable solutions.

RootCamp Batch 4 Startups

Breaking ground in Agtech: This is RootCamp Batch#4

Aquanzo (Scotland)

Aquanzo is a marine protein farming company that challenges the exploitation of the ocean to produce marine ingredients for the aquaculture industry. This is achieved by industrial and land based farming of Zooplankton, the natural super ingredient. Aquanzo’s mission is to domesticate and farm Artemia as a feed, at a low environmental footprint, for optimal fish and shrimp nutrition. Leveraging agricultural by-products and state-of-the-art technologies, the startup produces a high value marine protein source, and helps to make the aquaculture industry more sustainable. 

Artenglück (Germany)

Artenglück fosters nature conservation in our local communities. As such, the company carries out various nature conservation measures throughout the DACH region. In a customized approach, companies support by owning their own flowering meadow created nearby. The team behind Artenglück combines expertise from agriculture, conservation, and marketing to meet the demands of companies in the field of CSR/ESG and sustainability reporting.

Cultimate Foods (Germany)

Cultimate Foods is a biotech company developing cell-cultivated intramuscular fat. In a unique approach, the fat builds the fine marbling in the muscle tissue of high-quality meat. The product will be supplied as a B2B ingredient to food manufacturers to improve the sensory properties of alternative meat products and will reduce global meat consumption.

Grassa (Netherlands)

Grassa has developed technology and a circularity concept that improves the sustainability of grass fed to ruminants by extracting the surplus proteins from the grass. This grass protein can be used for human and animal consumption and is a perfect alternative for imported soy. The perfect transition by creating more plant based protein for human consumption whilst making the production of animal protein more sustainable.

GreEnCAP (Germany)

GreEnCAP is dedicated to providing safe and innovative plant protection solutions. Their encapsulation technology is a versatile method that significantly reduces the use of harmful pesticides, without compromising crop yield. With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, GreEnCAP is committed to making agriculture safer and more efficient for farmers, while also protecting the environment for future generations.

Poás Bioenergy (USA)

Poás Bioenergy turns agricultural waste into biochar to regenerate soils, sequester carbon. To achieve this, the start-up has developed a new gasification technology that converts the inconvenient biomass into synthesis gas and biochar with high energy density. The syngas can be used as thermal energy or run through a generator to produce cheap, reliable and clean energy.

Seedalive (Germany)

Seedalive is a science spin-off from the University of Osnabrück and has developed a rapid seed germination test. The startup aims at becoming the new gold standard for seed quality control worldwide within the next 4 years. Their test lasts only 4 hours instead of 2 weeks and saves 99% energy. The test can be performed on-site using their seedalive test kits, guided step-by-step by the multilingual Seedalive app. 

What's next at RootCamp?

Now it's getting started! It will be an exciting and intense journey. Follow us on LinkedIn to not miss any updates of the new batch. Missed the application deadline? Don't worry. The new application phase for batch #5 is now open. Submit your application until August 1st.

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