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10 publications every AgTech startup founder should know

May 26, 2023 4:02:33 PM

In the fast-paced world of startups, where groundbreaking innovations are sprouting like never before, getting your company's name out there is more critical than ever. While having an exceptional product is undoubtedly essential, the true path to success lies in capturing the attention of the right audience. That's where the power of PR and media features comes into play. As a founder, gaining exposure for your startup is crucial for success. Getting featured in prominent media outlets not only helps you build credibility but also attracts potential investors, partners, and customers. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 must-know (Agtech) startup publications that can provide the perfect platform for showcasing your startup. Let's dive in!

AgFunderNews | Reporting from the frontlines of the food + climate revolution

AgFunderNews is probably THE leading international online publication in AgTech. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, e.g. precision agriculture, indoor farming, alternative protein sources, sustainable farming practices, AgTech advancements, and investment opportunities in the agri-food space. It features in-depth articles, interviews with key industry players, analysis of market trends, and expert insights that shed light on the future of agriculture. One of the mentors in our program works as a journalist for AgFunder.

Agrarzeitung | The business publication in agribusiness 

agrarzeitung is the business magazine for decision-makers in agribusiness in Germany.  Professional farm managers and the heads of trading and consulting companies read it particularly intensively, so that your startup can achieve a very strong multiplier effect via the communication channels of the agrarzeitung. Every month, the Food - Lab Update also contains news from RootCamp. Here we can help you to place your startup.

agrarheute | Information platform for current developments in agriculture

Not your ordinary startup magazine, but an essential resource for agricultural founders in Germany. Daily news hacking helps you identify relevant topics, trends, or breaking news that journalists may be interested in covering. By staying informed, you can pitch your startup's story or expertise to reporters in a timely manner, increasing your chances of securing media coverage. agarheute reports on all relevant topics from politics and society, analyses markets and provides practical knowledge on management, crop production, technology and animal welfare. 

EU Startups | The leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe

EU Startups is an engaging online magazine that focuses on the vibrant and ever-evolving startup ecosystem in Europe. With a comprehensive coverage of the European startup scene, the magazine offers valuable insights, news, and in-depth articles on emerging startups, innovative technologies, entrepreneurship trends, and investment news. Each month, EU-Startups reaches an audience of more than 300,000 startup-interested and tech-savvy people from across Europe. 

Gründerszene | The magazine for founders, startups and investors from the digital economy

Gründerszene is one of the most relevant and widest-reach online magazines for the startup scene and the digital economy in Germany. With up-to-the-minute news and background information, specialist and podcasts as well as analyses, commentaries and reports, Gründerszene reaches more than 1,400,000 unique users per month. To network with the editorial team, we can recommend the various Gründerszene event formats, such as Gründerszene Spätschicht in big German cities or the CMO / CFO dinner. 

top agrar online | The specialist publication for modern agriculture & agribusiness

top agrar is the number one agricultural trade magazine in the DACH region, specializing in modern agriculture and the agricultural industry. It provides comprehensive information, news, and practical content for farmers, agricultural businesses, and anyone interested in the field. With a dedicated team of industry journalists, top agrar delivers well-researched articles, up-to-date reports, and analyses on topics such as crop cultivation, livestock farming, agricultural policy, farm machinery, market trends, and much more. top agrar is available in print and online and has more than 70,000 subscribers. With 270,000 followers, the magazine also has an enormous reach on social media.

TechCrunch | Technology news and analysis with a focus on founders and startup teams

TechCrunch is an internationally renowned online magazine that focuses on covering the latest developments and trends in the world of technology, startups, and entrepreneurship. With its influential platform and dedicated readership, TechCrunch has become a go-to source for industry news, insightful analysis, and in-depth profiles of emerging companies. Being associated with a well-respected publication like TechCrunch can validate a startup's ideas, team, and potential, which can help attract attention from investors, partners, and customers.

Silicon Canals | European technology news

Silicon Canals is Benelux and Europe’s English technology media source and covers news, knowledge, and insights from the European technology and startup ecosystem. The magazine has around 100000 visitors per month on their website and reaches an EU audience of decision makers, investors, venture capitalists, private equity fund managers, innovation specialists and tech enthusiasts.  The editorial team has clear guidelines for the submission of pitches and press releases. Read them carefully here.

Sifted | The Premier Media Brand for Europe's Startup Community

Sifted is the leading media brand for the European startup community. Backed by the Financial Times, the team of dedicated journalists spans the continent. The magazine provides the latest news for example in venture capital, insightful analyses and in-depth reports. Climate Tech and Greentech belong to one of the main topic areas. If you have a good story, you'll get a lot of exposure here.

Vegconomist | The vegan business magazine

Vegconomist is the business magazine for decision makers in the vegan and cell-based business world. The magazine covers cultured meat, new products, markets, investments, startups, and conducts exclusive interviews. Articles appear in English, German and Spanish. The readers are primarily plant-based affine decision makers and executives from retail, industry and media. 50% of the subscribers are senior or C level.

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Linh Pham

Written by Linh Pham

Linh holds a master's degree in media and communications. In the past years, she has worked as an employee and freelancer in different editorial offices. Since 2020 she is part of the SpinLab team and is now responsible for public relations.

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