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Desafía FoodTech Germany: Catalyzing Spanish FoodTechs startups' success in Germany

Feb 27, 2024 9:57:18 AM

Desafía FoodTech Germany x RootCamp is a six-month program collaboratively initiated by ICEX Spain (the Internationalization Agency of the Spanish Government) and RootCamp. The Desafía FoodTech Germany program aims to foster growth and success for startups through collaborative initiatives, networking events, and access to valuable resources within the competitive German market.


Why Germany? 

Germany stands out as Europe's largest food producer and the third-largest global exporter of food and beverages. According to the 2023 FoodTech industry report by, Germany ranks as the third most funded country in FoodTech, securing over $12 billion in venture capital funding. Furthermore Germany's FoodTech landscape is supported by a strong research and development (R&D) ecosystem. The Federal State of Lower Saxony, where RootCamp is based in Hannover, is the largest AgriFood region in Germany with one of the highest R&D expenditures on public food science in the country. Hannover hosts international trade fairs like Agritechnica and EuroTier, along with renowned universities, research institutions, and innovation centers. Moreover Germany's food industry includes major industry players like Dr. Oetker in food processing, Südzucker AG as a leading global sugar producer, DMK Group, as Germany’s largest dairy cooperative and many more. All of these offer Spanish FoodTech startups various possibilities for market entry and collaborative ventures.

Desafía Germany FoodTech Program at a glance

Best Startups RC batch 5 applications(7)

The Desafía FoodTech program is exclusively open to Spanish startups, focusing on innovation in the FoodTech sector. The six-month program, spanning from April to October 2024, combines a virtual phase with a two-week, in-person immersion in Hannover, at no cost to participants. The primary objective is to equip participants with comprehensive insights into the German market landscape, identify broader business opportunities, and provide essential support for an expedited internationalization process.

Desafia Gaia

Startups in the Desafía FoodTech program can expect a structured experience, starting with the Food 4 Future conference in Bilbao in April. Following this, a virtual phase enables in-depth market research and preparation for the two-week program in Hannover. The program is highly customized on the startups needs. To this end, individualized coaching plays a vital role. In fact, each startup is paired with a mentor, an expert in the industry who will accompany the startups from start to end.

RootCamp Networking Demo Day

The on-site phase in Germany includes strategic activities such as networking sessions, founder talks, workshops on specific topics and matchmaking sessions to introduce you to potential partners from the German ecosystem.  You'll expand your professional network, creating opportunities for partnerships and  commercial collaborations. During the time in Hannover, startups will also have the opportunity to visit renowned research centers and/or production facilities/labs

Foodtech Experts wanted

As part of the Desafía FoodTech Germany program, we are seeking experienced mentors with deep insights and connections in the German food industry. These mentors will provide strategic guidance for promising food startups from Spain aiming to enter the German market. Does the description fit you? Then register your interest via this form. Otherwise, feel free to share it with your network!


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