Laura von Ketteler

Laura von Ketteler

Laura is passioned about writing and innovation. After finishing her Master’s degree in Sustainable development at Uppsala University she has been working for renowned initiatives within the field of food production. She supports RootCamp as a freelancer in communications and is writing blog articles on current topics.

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The potential of carbon farming - a reality check

By Laura von Ketteler on Aug 26, 2021 9:23:09 AM

Carbon farming is an agricultural method which aims to sequester atmospheric carbon into the soil as well as into roots, leaves and wood.  It is also known under the term “regenerative agriculture” and includes numerous agricultural methods. 

The development of agriculture has become one of the central issues in society. This is because food production is responsible for one third of annual greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore a key contributor to climate change. Conversely, agriculture suffers from extreme weather conditions and farmers' harvest and livelihoods become increasingly uncertain. 

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