RootCamp Program Highlights





Top Level Know-How


The learning process for every company never ends. We provide on-site and virtual workshops and on-demand e-learning resources.

Moreover, we have an extensive network of experienced startup coaches and industry experts.

RootCamp’s program proposes close interaction with our strategic partners. A dedicated intrapreneurial team of our partner K+S waits to share their expertise. 


Being backed by one of the best-ranked accelerators, the SpinLab, and a worldwide player in the fertilizer and salt field, K+S, we provide the best support for scaling solutions within the AgriFood-Tech sector. 

Even if you are a later stage startup or established company, tell us about your solution – we will help you to implement it within the European markets.


THE Support Network you need


24/7 Office Access



Our program grants you 24/7/365 access to our lofty incubator space in the heart of Hannover. Hannover is the Capital of the State Lower Saxony – the biggest AgriFood center in Germany. Moreover K+S offers lab space in Wunstorf at the Innopark Sigmundshall.


We are accepting rolling applications so there is no deadline and you can apply all year long. Moreover, we have an acceleration program of 3 months and a subsequent incubation program up to 12 months. 


Flexible program start, end, and duration times


100% Free Program + Incubation grant up to 55k


We want you to focus on your solution. For every phase of our program we will grant financial support, so you focus just on disruption. No matter if it runs 3 or 12 months. 

No equity, no shares, no fees. The incubation grant can reach up to 55k euro. 


Our program focuses on scaling your idea at its full potential and helps you build an international network with top VCs, business angels, and top-class corporate partners.


What kind of startups are we looking for?

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We expect all applying startups to have a complete founding team of 2-4 founders, with all crucial skill sets and necessary experience, already in place.


Your startup's idea and concept should be truly outstanding, unique, and most importantly, scalable. We're looking for companies and teams that have the potential to disrupt the AgriFood Tech segment.


We're not looking for startups who want things to come to them easy. We're going to invest 100% into you, so we expect you to have the passion, energy, willingness, and drive to make your startup come to life.


We accept startups from all stages. Pre-seed and seed startups will first join the acceleration phase of 3 months and enlarge their networks. Late stage startups will directly jump into the integration project up to 12 months to implement solutions within the corporate environment. 


The RootCamp has a focus on AgriFood-Tech startups providing solutions on the so-called upstream area of the value chain. We focus on solutions that will leverage the industry rather than customer focused variants of existing products. 


We accept startups from all around the world. Teams must have business level fluency in English.


We're looking for the world's best solutions from the AgriFood-value chain from all stages and locations.


Program breakdown

For early stage startups: 

The program entails a 3-months acceleration phase including access to the ecosystem, all learning resources and funding to make you investor-ready.

After that, you will have the possibility to get additional 9 months incubation period to further define, develop and pilot your product/technology in cooperation with our corporate partners.

For late stage startups:

You will get 3 to 12 months period to get real market validation. The goal is to have your solution implemented within the corporate real-world environment through pilot projects and accelerate your growth. You profit either from a new variant of your product/technology or from new customers to enter the European market.

Pilot outcomes include:

  • product co-development
  • commercial partnership
  • licensing agreements
  • extension of customers base
  • additional investments

Early Stage Startup

3 Months

Accelerating towards investor readiness

9 Months

Implement the innovation as a marketable solution

Later Stage Startup

3-12 Months

Pilot your solution within our partners' corporate environment


Our flexible programs are designed to support you in whatever you need. Also we continue to help founders in their journey also after the program thanks to our network of alumni and mentors.


Fields of Interest

RootCamp is interested in finding solutions for the so-called upstream area of the Agri-Food Tech value chain. We are specifically interested in the following 9 verticals but feel free to apply if your startup operates in a related field. 

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With its mineral products, K+S helps farmers to secure world food and supplies the industry with important raw materials. The focus is on the customer and his needs. In order to position ourselves successfully globally in the long term, we are increasingly acting in accordance with innovative future concepts to discover new products and growing markets. More about K+S at


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