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Preview database with alumni startups

To show you how we systematically track and categorise startups, we provide you with our preview database describing our alumni startups. The actual database contains more than 3400 startups, globally active in agtech and the bioeconomy industry. You can filter, sort and search the table depending on your needs. 


Short intro to the database

We describe each startup in one sentence. For better categorisation, we have the following columns: 

  • Agricultural Process: Describes the step along the value chain the startup is active in.
    Example: Agriculture
  • Agricultural Product/Service: Depends on the former, jumps one layer deeper into the step of the value chain.
    Example: Raising Crops
  • AgTech Industry: Describes the applied technology of the startup.
    Example: Ag-Biotechnology
  • AgTech Product/Service: Depends on the former, jumps one layer deeper into the applied technology. 
    Example: Microbiome
So, the startup used as an example uses biotechnology to develop a microbiome product applicable for raising crops on farmer level.
Additionally, we capture the location (city, country), the website, the founding year & the contact (mainly general email address). All these columns can be used to filter, sort and search the startups.

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