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General FAQ

  • Where is RootCamp?

    RootCamp is in Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony, in Germany. Our office is located in the heart of Hannover, 5 minutes walking from the main train station.  

  • Who is behind RootCamp?

    RootCamp was founded by SpinLab, the HHL accelerator from Leipzig, and K+S Group, a global chemical company producing fertilizer and salt. 

  • What makes RootCamp unique?

    RootCamp is the first AgriFood Tech innovation hub designed to support innovation at 360 degrees in this field. We support startups of different stages thanks to tailored programs. We believe in disruptive innovation and our focus lies in implementing it in the real world. For this reason, we bring enable joint pilot projects between startups and corporate partners

Location Requirements

TEAM Eligibility

  • Which companies can apply for RootCamp?

    We support every type of startup working in the AgriFood Tech B2B sector. From early stage up to late stage up to Series B. If you are an early stage startup you need to be a registered legal entity to apply. Check our verticals in the Program Page for more details. It is never too early or never too late to apply for our program.

  • I have only an idea, is it too early to apply for RootCamp?

    We are focused on startups which already have a MVP (minimum viable product) and some traction. Moreover any startup applying needs to be a registered legal entity. However, if you are at the beginning of your journey, we encourage you to apply and get visible to our radar. 

  • Can I apply for RootCamp as a solo-founder?

    RootCamp is looking for startups with a team, which consist of 2 to 3 people with complementary skills. Team dynamics is, in fact fundamental, for your success and the incubation program. However, we encourage solo-founders with a determination and a disruptive idea to apply too. 


  • How can I apply for the RootCamp program?

    The application process starts with you preparing your pitch deck and answering our questionnaire in F6S, for all information regarding the application visit our apply now page. It takes around 15 minutes to complete. There is no application deadline and to get our latest news you can subscribe to our newsletter.

  • How does RootCamp choose which companies to accept into the program?

    Our board revises applications on an ongoing basis. There are many factors which contribute to your successful application like: your team and your motivation, your idea and innovation degree, your product and feasibility, synergies potential, your financials and scalability of your solution. 

  • What if I want to change something in my application on F6S?

    In case you would like to change or update anything in your application, please email F6S ( mentioning your startup, your RootCamp application and what you would like to change. 

  • What does the selection process for the RootCamp program look like?

    Our selection process is very structured and straight forward: after your application in F6S, we revise it and might ask you to have a video call to get to know you better. During the call we would like to revise some aspects of your application and understand how we can best support you. The final 10 startups are asked to present live in front of a jury. After this we undertake a brief due diligence and then we’re ready to make a decision! Together with you and our strategic partner we then finalize the details of the participation at the RootCamp.

    In case, your startup is not selected we will let you know as soon as possible but you will definitely get an answer from us! If we do not select you it doen not mean that we did not like your startup but maybe other solutions were more interesting in the batch mix. You are more than welcome to apply for the subsequent batch. 

  • When will I hear back about my application for RootCamp?

    We try our best to review your application in a timely manner and get back to you as soon as possible. Please expect an answer starting from 2 weeks after the application deadline. 


  • How much does the RootCamp program cost?

    Our partners are financing the program so that it is 100% free for accepted startups and we do not take any money or equity from you. 

  • How much money do startups get from RootCamp?

    Each startup gets from 6,000 up to 50,000 euro in funding. This depends on the stage of the startup and how long you stay in the program. You can use the money to cover your expenditures such as accommodation and travel costs to Hannover and you are very welcome to take advantage of our offices for free as long as you are enrolled in the program. In case you make it the the implementation project phase (see our Program Page for details), the money is meant to support you and the pilot project implementation together with the corporate partner.